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There are so many things that can go wrong on a website now that everyone has a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, television, etc. If you notice anything not functioning as intended you can report it here! We'll keep track of when it was reported, if it's a real issue, who fixed it, and when it was fixed.

Contact Catalyst

Are you in one of those "I really need to speak to the manager" situations? You're in the right place.

Because you are not currently logged in, we're going to take you to a page where you can send an e-mail directly to the owner of this website. Log in to send a direct message.

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A complete list of keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly navigate the website.


AK Voice is a fairly new website, and any press is good press, right? This page keeps track of all the places we're mentioned. If you are press, click here to get some contact info.


We're pretty open about who is running this place. This shows all of the Administrators, along with the Moderators and which location they are moderating. This is a good place to check if you're trying to contact a certain staff member.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

This is the page that nobody ever reads, and yet it explains to you how your data is used, who owns your data, and your rights and obligations as a user of this website. Spoiler: Unlike most websites, you still legally own anything you post here. It doesn't take too long to read the whole thing, and we'd really appreciate it if you did.

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