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The term "meme" is an old psychological term meaning the smallest bit of language that has any meaning. It's like atoms for linguists. And I first heard the term in 2006. So, I guess, memes could be a single burst of idea on the internet. IF they weren't so overused. Actually, I'm guilty of that myself...

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Time to get back to that novel I've been not getting back to for the last two years. Going to fix a few things at work that need fixing. Mostly going to relax and be less me.

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Container gardening rocks in this town. Tomatoes do very well as do sugar snap peas.

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Its curious that we are very vulnerable when we're younger. As toddlers we are both vulnerable (emotionally, too) and trusting. We know that, if we cry, nobody is going to make fun of us for it. That's why, when a toddler cries because their sad and some adult mocks them or yells at them to "get over it", "quit whining" or "grow up" you have instant asshole. Its scarring. And when you're a teen and you're just figuring out what the heck your emotions all mean and how to regulate them, you open up to someone and they break your heart (maybe they were the asshole above or maybe THEY were experimenting and it got away from them) and it has the same result. The lesson is scarring and the resultant person learns that vulnerable = target = victim. Some people really are into that feeling but most of us don't like it. So we avoid it at all costs. But I agree with the excerpt above (I've never read the author and don't want to sound like I have): vulnerability IS important! But its hard to do, especially with everyone being judged 24/7 on (other) social media. Got a few pounds on you? Post a bathing suit pic and you feel vulnerable. Bam! People come out of the woodwork to hit you with the "did you make the right decision wearing that?" bullcrap. Yeah, its important to be vulnerable but I can totally see why some people have a hard time with it.

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From the horse's...mouth?


now that's late Sept., 2015. And for those to lazy to click, it said they'd abandoned and capped the well because "indications of oil and gas...are not sufficient to warrant further exploration...". I have read USGS reports from all over northern Alaska and they all say the same thing...there's not this giant reserve like earlier surveys said there was. My uncultured, non-professional opinion? We need to get the hell outta Oil & Gas and get into something more sustainable. Hell, even tourism is a better deal than that. I've seen plenty of places in other states (UT, CO, NM, AZ, NV, ND, SD, WY, MT) RUINED by this industry. They're poison because they take and NEVER give. We don't need a seat at that "table"; we need to take the damn table back and put it in storage!

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