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The Search for Some Intelligent Life

Posted by Coyote on May 4, 2016 at 12:30 am

Alaska and Ketchikan

Because we seem to be in short supply in some parts of Earth.

See, my thought is that...supposing that we do make it there I worry that humans will ignore the indigenous life and just move in. Like white people did all over this planet. Just wondering what thoughts are out there on the subject...

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Muskeg 2 points

This is assuming we would even be able to invade and corrupt the new environment. It's quite possible by the time we reached any such planet we would be so tired and weak, exhausted of resources that we could become the endangered species as soon as we arrive, and then perish in a dense landscape of dangerous and unknown organisms or viruses. Of course that is all assuming we could even use the air to breath, or not get crushed or implode due to severely different gravitation fields.

More importantly I think it just seems like a fun thing to think about, I doubt we will ever make to another life-bearing planet, seeing as we are hardly even making notable head-way towards long-term existence on our own planet.

Halt 3 points

If we were to become an interplanetary species, then yes, we would have to compete with the indigenous life if we wanted to survive. But if we were smart about it, we would try to make contact first and have some type of conversation back and forth to gain more info on what each planet habitates.

Kid-Vicious 3 points

How about the audacity of the indigenous people for being on our land before we get there? And yet, somehow, they're the victim.....;)

Akhoya 4 points

Humans inevitably do all sorts of things without fully considering or understanding the consequences, so if we found a planet with life I think we'd almost undoubtedly mess with it in some way, even if we had the best of intentions. Even with the Prime Directive, Starfleet mucked up all kinds of planets.

Chickawoogie 1 point

Mexicans also invade not just white people

2 Replies

Catalyst 4 points

Who has more invasion gold medals though?

Sum-Zer0 1 point

white people where only the one's documenting their invasions in such detail.

Akhoya 2 points

You do understand who Mexicans are, right? Most Mexicans have more indigenous ancestry than anything else. It's a mestizo nation, unlike the U.S.


You may be on to something...