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Labrador's and People

Posted by Sum-Zer0 on May 4, 2016 at 1:45 am in Misc


Did you know that labrador retrievers and humans have some things in common?
There are black, brown(chocolate), yellow, and white labs. Even though they look different, they're all basically the same animal.

Same as people

Do you know what happens if you were to only let labs hangout and reproduce with other labs that are the same color?
They'd probably end up a little close eye'd, run a little crooked, and have shitty health problems.

Huh, same as people.

Did you know that if you were to let those labs just hang together and interbreed that they would be healthier, smarter and better able to adapt to new situations?

Did you know that's how people work also?

A big difference is that labs don't care what color the others labs fur is.

Here's another thought, what breed of human are you?

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Muskeg 1 point

I view all domesticated organisms and just an extension of our own species, for without our active participation in their breeding and production, they would quickly cease to exist in the way that they currently do.

AKA without humans, there would be no labs, or any other breed of dog for that matter, because its only due to our meddling that they look the way they do. Without human intervention it would only be a matter of a few dozen generations before you basically just have a bunch of wolves again.

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Sum-Zer0 1 point

I know, I was over simplifying a lot about genetics to point out that "race" is a stupid made up thing that we need to get over.

alleyway 4 points

This is kind of but not exactly, in my opinion, correct. There are canines similar in relation to Labradors while Labradors themselves have genetic diversity in coloring but not in adaptivity like every other breed. There are also something around 10 blood types to canines. Genetic mutation that cause health disadvantages are selective to certain human cultures much like certain dog breeds. This is applicable to humans as well. Some cultures are dark skinned for resistance to sun exposure while some are light due to low amounts of sun exposure. Other cultures will be known for being tall, long legged most likely an adaptation to characteristics of hunters. Others are tiny people, like Asians who most likely are small due to a fish and grain based diet over the Buffalo and plains diet. We are not as diverse as dogs and definitely should intermingle but genetically we will lose some traits that are physically externally and internally intriguing. All for the better of huma that is, for whatever it is we are trying to achieve.

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Sum-Zer0 3 points

I know that environmental factors (culture, geographic location, diet) shaped humans into what we are today. My point here was in hopes of getting across the idea that "race" is stupid and comparable to that of dogs that are almost the same except for being differently colored.

alleyway 3 points

That I can definitely agree with.


You may be on to something...