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A Penny Saved?

Posted by Coyote on May 5, 2016 at 11:13 pm in Politics

Alaska and Ketchikan

I just have to! With things going the way they are in politics right now, I just have to renew this dumb debate. So read up:

And then, TO THE POLLS! Let's see what AK VOICE says about the little copper wonder. Is it a waste of time and money? Is the rounding that the Canadians now do the sign of the fall of Capitalism? Is using copper environmentally irresponsible and a good reason to ditch the penny? Do you make great artwork out of them by hammering them into fun shapes? Whatever, answer the poll and then take to the comments to give your...uh...two cents.

Poll (Closed)

Should we keep the penny?

NO! The penny is a waste of money and resources.
100% (5 Votes)
YES! The penny is a part of American history!
0% (0 Votes)
I GUESS. I throw them away, mostly.
0% (0 Votes)
I could NOT care less..
0% (0 Votes)

Total Votes: 5

Voting was closed May 8, 2016

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Sum-Zer0 2 points

I think the fact that inflation has caused our money to be worth less than its physical representation is the bigger problem. Right now our money is just numbers that banks make up and the banks are owned by just a few individuals.

Chickawoogie 3 points

The rounding thing aa . I for one don't agree with it it sounds more like someone will lose in the end. And I have a hard enough time with the math as it is i go and mess with. But to to save metal by making one less slave coin. Is there a choice


You may be on to something...