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What Are You Working On?

Posted by Catalyst on May 12, 2016 at 2:09 pm in Misc

Alaska and Ketchikan

We all probably know the feeling of starting a project, then forgetting about it. Starting another project, and then forgetting about it. Repeating the process, and even returning to abandoned dreams.

According to the cruise ships, Summer appears to be here. It's a time we tend to be a lot more productive than our gloomy winter sleeping.

So what do you plan to do with your time? Are you going to start an art project? Learn an instrument? Collect something? Hike the world (or the nearest mountain?)

I think it's safe to say a lot of my time will be toward coding and maintaining AK Voice. However, I do have an electric guitar that was handed down to me years ago. I already had it re-strung for a left handed person, but then kind of forgot about it. I'll have to go pick that up at some point.

I'd like to learn to recognize any kind of edible or herbal plants, fungi, etc. My work schedule is going to prevent me from being out in the daylight much. I guess a compromise will have to be found.

Household maintenance. There are a lot of little things in my house that can be fixed or improved. It would be nice to finally take care of a lot of them.

I'd like to learn more about bicycle maintenance too. I recently reworked my entire bicycle and was very fascinated by how intricate they actually are. Lots of trial and error, but definitely worth it in the end.

Learning. I'm building a digital library of all educational material I can find. Journals, documents, pictures, videos, etc. Even on topics I may not specifically be interested in right now. By collecting all of it, I should also be consuming it!

What are you working on?

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tecksbuk 1 point

I have been a coffee/French pastry slave lately all while moving into a new place that allows my cat to live with me.
Now that it is all mostly settled I'd like so set aside some time to start brewing beer again. I want to start fermenting vegetables and if that goes well hopefully I'll be motivated to start a garden next year!
As far as things I am actually doing... I have been hitting the Anchorage bike trails a lot, frequenting breweries, and reading about beer styles.

Glunoodle 3 points

I have a terrible habit of having lofty goals when I get a break from school. I'm trying to work on improving my drawing skills before next semester, need to go through my stuff to determine what I want to keep and what to get rid of before moving out of my apartment, and trying to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

Not super hard goals, but I get distracted with Netflix and Overwatch...

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Anirath 2 points

I just purchased Overwatch last night. It was late so I haven't played it yet. I did participate a bit in the beta. I'm looking forward to getting distracted!

tecksbuk 1 point

Have you incorporated Pokemon Go into your step goal plan? Seems like a fun way to get those steps in. :)

Sum-Zer0 3 points

I'm working on renovating my RV so that I can move into it next month.

1 Reply

Anirath 0

Nice! Is it a nice RV? Always thought living in one might be nice.

Coyote 3 points

Time to get back to that novel I've been not getting back to for the last two years. Going to fix a few things at work that need fixing. Mostly going to relax and be less me.

1 Reply

Catalyst 2 points

I started a novel last year centered around simulation theory in the perspective of both the simulators and simulations.... I kept having existential breakdowns while writing it and had to shelve it.

Also, check out Ready Player One if you haven't already! It's a modernized Snowcrash, in a way.


Anirath 1 point

That sounds interesting. I'm going to "purchase" it online.

Soggysourdough 2 points

Pick up where The Livers left off

Bromosapien 4 points

I'm with Anirath - trying to get my finances in order. I want to get out of debt once and for all. I'd also like to save up some money for a down payment on a house.

Also, I want to camp and fish more. I'd like to go dipnetting a lot this summer and hopefully get my salmon quota. I also want to berry pick and maybe get a halibut charter. AND go kayaking and canoeing more too at the surrounding lakes or rivers.

My girlfriend and I also planted a bunch of vegetables and herbs. We need to clear out the overgrown planters I have so we can have a full garden.

And I'm going to play lots and lots of music!

1 Reply

Anirath 2 points

Sounds like a loaded summer!

Anirath 4 points

I've been putting off a project of mine for awhile, and I'd really like to start it back up. Without going into detail it was a web based app I wanted to make since there were no alternatives that fit what I imagined in my mind. Other than that I'd really like to start reading more often. It's been awhile since I've read a good book, and I used to love reading often.

Another major focus is my finances! I've let things get a bit out of hand and want to rein it all in and set my financial situation straight again. It's not unreasonable, and I'm hoping after the next 2-3 paychecks I should be back on track again.


You may be on to something...