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The Elephant in the Room

Posted by Coyote on May 18, 2016 at 12:58 am in Politics

Alaska and Ketchikan

Okay, so, in light of the reported hijacking of the Dem Caucus in NV, I'm gonna put something out about politics. But it has nothing to do with our crappy government as is. Its time for an actual change. Two-party democracy had a good ride; it lasted a bit under 200 years before becoming inordinately corrupt. As of this writing, it is a shambles. Even the Romans at the fall of the Empire, selling out to the highest bidder weren't this sad. SO here's the question: what type of government needs to replace the two-party representative democracy? But you can't just suggest a type of have to give a reason.

I'll start: Panarchism. Its a system that is tolerant of other forms of government or economic system but only favors (personally) any form of government that organizes at the local level. In other words, I believe that big government has had its day and is outdated. Its time to settle things locally and come up with a set of community principles. Then open up trade between communities. But no formal organization over, say, 10,000 people. Harder to get "representatives" who don't represent anyone besides their banker!

Anyway, hit the comments with your choice or tear mine apart. I just want to shake up the community a bit!

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Sum-Zer0 2 points

Big government started out like gangs anyway, a few people convinced a bunch of other people that they could protect them in exchange for labor and obedience. Then they figured out that since they banned together already that they could just go take stuff from some other people who weren't. Then the people that got messed with by the group grouped together to fight off the first group. Then groups fight other groups because that group isn't with this group because in group out mentality.

Lack of communication and individual greed has been politics downfall. Saddly as long as our brains keep pumping out dopamine we're gonna keep doing stupid shit like thinking we're in charge or that we know better or amassing wealth.

Anirath 2 points

I've never heard of Panarchism, but it sounds very reasonable and in line with what I would like to see happen.


You may be on to something...