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Time Spent Applying Yourself

Posted by alleyway on May 28, 2016 at 9:22 pm in People

Alaska and Ketchikan

Will make you improve at what you apply yourself in be it positive, negative or neutral from a person to persons' judgment. What are your goals to improve as a person? What are your drives? What makes you keep focus of those tasks?

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tecksbuk 1 point

Lately I keep having dreams about rock climbing outside, although I've only climbed indoors and I've only done it a couple times.
I am not the most fit or balanced person, but I've gotten better. Something about the reoccurring climbing dreams really drives me to keep pushing myself physically so I can feel that exhilarating freedom in real waking life.

Anirath 2 points

I keep focus on my goals because I don't see any other way to live. I have to keep a job because i need an income to keep going. And I try to avoid drinking in excess or becoming addicted to drugs because it never pans out in the end. I just want to live and socialize with people I care about.


You may be on to something...