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Cruise ship destroys berth three in Ketchikan

Posted by eustache on June 3, 2016 at 4:41 pm in News

Alaska and Ketchikan

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Sum-Zer0 2 points

For ships this size they have two captains, a sea captain for easy open water navigation and port captain for harder things like docking, disembarking, and close space maneuvering. A lot of large shipping ports keep captains on shore that are specifically trained to just dock and disembark ships from that port that'll get ferried to and from ships. Cruise ships have to keep both on board at all times because they visit a lot of small ports seasonally.

From what I've heard the sea captain was the one trying to bring the ship in, but they're still doing an official investigation.

They think it's like 2-3 million in port damages, unknown right how much it'll cost for the hull to be fully repaired. they patched it and went to vancouver for a better assessment.

Anirath 1 point

Also, does anyone have any information on the extent of the damages to the berth and the ship?

Anirath 1 point

I can't imagine the cost of damages not to mention whatever loss they had to take to refund passenger, assuming they did.

Muskeg 2 points

This will really affect downtown Ketchikan's 2016 tourist season. The pilot came in with no tug support?

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Sum-Zer0 1 point

They'll still be able to anchor in the channel bring people in on the lifeboats, it'll be inconvenient but doable. The infinity will probably be out of commision for a few weeks


You may be on to something...