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Gardening in Alaska. Biggest problems?

Posted by SirCreas on June 8, 2016 at 6:02 pm

Alaska and Ketchikan

This is my first year "of twenty six" were I've dedicated a significant about of time to gardening. The first six hours was spent dedicated trying to make sure there is good drainage in my tiny little garden. Tiny area should be quick right? Also this is Ketchikan were talking about so the first thing you thing about is rain right? right? Anyways A lot of time cutting down tiny alders, cutting out roots. trying to make it good enough to grow 3.... 3 tiny little plants of strawberry.. i get it all cleaned up.. clean out the 50+ year old planter box and finally.. plant my strawberry's....
The next day... couple hours after I wake up, (coffee breakfast, and a couple of episode of S,G,U,) I go outside and find.... a cat... a god damn "probably wild" CAT, eating my strawberry's. worst thing for Gardeners, "slugs, rain, BEARS?" no... its freaking cats. God damn cats.....

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Coyote 2 points

Lol. Next time, try a raised bed. And line the edge of the box with vicks vapo-rub; cats hate it. You also might want to try some catnip near but not right on the raised bed. They get pretty distracted and go off looking for snacks.

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Anirath 2 points

Cat's hate vapo-rub eh? So maybe if I ever need to train a cat not to chew cords again I'll try putting some of that on there. I was using a spray bottle of vinegar, lemon juice, and chili powder!

SirCreas 2 points

My bed is raised already. (though i have not used Vicks Vapo-rub) but my solution was to make a green house out of my raised bed! its worked great so far and i think its really helped everything else grow in my bed!


You may be on to something...