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Posted by tecksbuk on July 11, 2016 at 8:32 pm in People

Alaska and Anchorage

Anyone have any weird/cool/lucid/reoccurring dreams they want to talk about?
Recently I have been shamelessly embracing the world of naps and I have found my sleeping to be deeper and dreams more vivid!
Sometimes they are mundane but sometimes I have this really rad reoccurring dream about climbing really splintery rock faces. I always wake up feeling like a badass even though I was just laying in bed for an hour haha.

Anyway, I love hearing about dreams as much as I enjoy having them. Anyone care to share their dreams? Doesn't have to be recent.

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eustache 1 point

Yes, I've been having a recurring nightmares wherein a six foot six tug boat captain beats the shit out of me. In one dream he came after me with an x-tra tuff in each hand and I ran into traffic and was hit by a car. In another dream he came after me with an old, rusty sxs Remington 12 gauge.


You may be on to something...