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Hello Passionate Pachyderms

Posted by Catalyst on April 14, 2018 at 4:01 pm in People

Alaska and Ketchikan

This is an example of an article. It can be posted to certain categories, and "locations." You can comment on articles, and make an infinite amount of replies to each comment.

I have made a couple of accounts already for you to quickly login.

Once you login.....

The top of the page will have a little Chat icon that will bring up a chat window that you can use to live-chat with people. The email icon brings you to your inbox where you can have a similar experience to email with other users (private message)

Every time you load the page a "Shout" appears at the top right. If you click the Write button you are able to write an article or a shout. The interface is a little strange. The site is still unfinished.

The gear at the top are the settings that you can use to change profile information or how the site looks/feels.

Stuff like that. I haven't used or worked on this site in a long time so I forget everything it does.



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Catalyst 1 point

This is a test comment, you can reply to it

2 Replies

Catalyst 1 point

This is a reply. You can also reply to it. Etc.


You may be on to something...