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Welcome to the voice.

Posted by null on May 3, 2016 at 11:20 pm

Alaska and Ketchikan

Here at ak voice, we want to foster freedom of speech. The best way to exercise your freedom of speech is speaking anonymously. The ability to say what you want with no rammifications.

While anything illegal is clearly unallowed, everything else is free game.

While akvoice is against censorship, etc, etc, it is expected that you all exercise good judgement on your posts.

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Akhoya 3 points

I'm anonymous for now, (we'll see how long that lasts), but I think it's unfair to say that speaking anonymously is the "best" way to exercise one's voice. It may very well be the easiest way, and it may give people the courage to share more of their thoughts, but speaking as yourself is also very valuable. I think Catalyst put it best in the "Welcome!" post that both options are valid.

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Catalyst 3 points

What I loved so much about KU was that the majority of members started anonymous, but everyone was eventually open and actually proud of their account, identity, opinions. Let's hope for more of that, but either option is equally welcome :)

Catalyst 2 points

Very true.

Say what you want as you or anonymous, but try to keep it related to topics that will create lengthy discussions. The rating system will start filtering out trolls (coming in a day or two)

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Coyote 2 points

Does that include filtering out shit posters or will we let the community do that for us? Delete articles that fall below -50?

Catalyst 2 points

Articles and comments with negative numbers are minimized by default and have to be chosen to be viewed. so far nothing is actually deleted. The community should moderate!


You may be on to something...